Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

Using regular helpings of humor, creativity and compassion, I work collaboratively with you to illuminate your inner world. Whatever the issues that need repair, we will co-create a treatment plan customized to your personal therapy goals. I use my extensive clinical experiences and specialized training to collaborate with my clients, drawing from various therapeutic modalities that will best serve your unique needs. We actively work together each therapy session to rediscover purpose, restore hope and reclaim joy. 
Here are some things you can expect out of therapy: 

  • Compassion, Respect, and Understanding
  • Transforming negative thoughts/behaviors to self-affirming ones that create joy
  • Effective tools and strategies for enacting positive change
  • An established treatment plan where each session moves you closer towards your goals
individual girl backpacking through mountain meadow with peaks surrounding of her


I work with individuals of all ages, including tweens and teens. Together, we use your intrinsic courage, compassion and curiosity to develop your inner sense of wholeness. Commons issues: 

• Anger
• Anxiety / Fear / Phobias
• Depression
• Insomnia
• Addictions

• Shame / Low Self-Esteem

• Relational Problems
• Divorce
• Trauma/ PTSD
• ADHD / Learning Disabilities

• Faith & Spirituality

• Sexuality & Gender 

A couple with arms entwined huddled together in front of a lake with peaks and pine trees in front of them.


I work with coupled partners to navigate the endurance of long term, committed relationships. The following topics have proven key in healthy relationships:

• Improving communication
• Building trust

• Igniting passion

• Revealing unspoken expectations

• Examining the roles and responsibilities each of you have envisioned in your relationship

• Increasing relationship safety, security, and unconditional loving support between partners

Decreasing emotional reactivity and vulnerability to self-protective coping strategies.

A family backpacking through a meadow, single-file on a trail, surrounded by peaks and pines.


I work with families in all stages to navigate systemic transition while keeping your family unity intact. I will assess and meet your family's therapeutic goals by teaching you: 

• Emotional reciprocity 

• How to set and maintain healthy, respectful boundaries
• Parenting support and skills-building.  

• How to reduce sibling rivalry

• Communication & conflict resolution skills
• How to heal broken relationships
• How to create mutual agreements with adolescents 

• Secure connections for special family transitions (i.e. death, divorce, college launch, illness, addiction) and /or other family trauma(s)