The education experience has become a pressure cooker! There are pressures from all sides: academic performance, over-scheduling, social and media distractions, parental expectations, peer pressures and competition, and a distorted definition of success. As a direct result, teens are experiencing increased rates of anxiety, depression, burnout, panic attacks, self-injury, substance use, and other debilitating conditions as a means of attempting to cope with impossible expectations. Inherently, adolescence is a challenging season: children are transforming into adults - from caterpillars to butterflies.


Every student is unique and one size does not fit all. Many students are performing at personal peak intellectual levels but simply cannot keep pace with the current unrealistic academic standards.  I specialize in supporting adolescents and their families through this season by restoring balance, equipping with practical coping strategies and finding true purpose that may have been lost in striving.

Students with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Special Needs, etc. require additional, specialized support.  These students have intellectual, mental and or physical challenges that can interfere with the access to curriculum standards, which makes keeping up with academics laborious. As a credentialed School Counselor I am intimately familiar with the educational supports systems in place that can offer students additional resources in the classroom.  I can also offer scaffolded supports that complement resources that you may already be receiving from the schools.  

I have learned that academic performance is impacted when obstacles to learning are present. Whether the distraction is social, behavioral or psychological your student needs emotional resources to call upon when the campus experience gets overwhelming.